Azure unbranded

It seems like Microsoft is dropping the name Azure from its cloud offerings? I guess I need some help from marketers understanding why Microsoft gravitates towards names for products that are so generic and bland as to be unsearchable terms.  I liked the name Azure, it made it clear when discussing and comparing technologies to know what you were referring to. And more importantly when trying to search for information “Windows Azure” and “SQL Azure” are pretty specific.  Try to search for “Windows” or even “.NET”.  Now we can add to that list “Cloud Services”, “CDN” and “Service Bus”, yeah I’m sure that’ll narrow it right down.

There must be some branding reason for it but it eludes me.  I have my own terms that might work better.

Windows Azure Compute The
Windows Azure Platform Thing
Windows Azure CDN It
Windows Azure Storage That
Windows Azure Traffic Manager This
Windows Azure Virtual Network Some
AppFabric Cache More
AppFabric Service Bus Stuff
AppFabric Access Control They
SQL Azure Them
SQL Azure Reporting services Which


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