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The Yin and Yang of the architect

The role of a software architect varies between companies as do the qualifications for the title. Having carried the software architect title for years, I've recently had cause to reflect how I've operated and what that implies about my philosophy on the role. Much criticism is levied against ivory tower architects who produce "dreamy architectures that are detached from IT, business and budgetary realities" or the title inflation that makes architects indistinguishable from "most senior engineer". For me, I've found balancing both to be the most effective. The architect needs to be able to develop architecture, designs and plans that are both forward thinking but also constrained by what's practical, and what's truly needed. A good way to know what's practical and required is to spend time in the trenches, likely as the most senior engineer. Playing both roles creates an evolutionary feedback loop from design to implementation and back

Best in shows

It may have taken me a while to get on the binge watching bandwagon that everyone else seemed to start with the first of the lockdowns. I’ve watched some pretty good shows lately, which reminded me of many of the other shows I’ve really liked.  Here’s my recommended list, in rough chronological order, of when I saw them not necessarily when they aired. Warrior The Boys The Mandalorian The Expanse The Watchmen Kingdom Vikings The Walking Dead The Last Kingdom Boardwalk Empire Justified Game of Thrones The Wire Entourage True Detective (Season 1) Marco Polo Sons of Anarchy Breaking Bad True Blood Deadwood Battlestar Galactica Farscape Spartacus Rome Firefly The Shield The Sopranos Six Feed Under Babylon 5