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RIF Notes #33

“There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker What do you mean by “Event-Driven”? –Martin Fowler explores the different patterns with ‘events’ "Whatever it takes" – Jason Fried warns us about the dangers of a whatever it takes mentality Disruptive Testing One on One Meetings – Advice for good one-on-one meetings Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? How to destroy Programmer Productivity Design Tip #168 What’s in a Name? Kimbal Group design tips on the importance of naming Show me a business problem and I’ll do my best to avoid it Optimizing the Sustainable Pace – “Sustainable pace was Extreme Programming’s solution to the short-sightedness of over-working ourselves to meet a deadline…However, sustainable pace is defined individually” Why Great Managers Are So Rare – “Gallup's research reveals that about one in 10 people possess the talent to manage…Still, c

RIF Notes #32

Here’s the first in three years . Clutter is taking a toll on both morale and productivity. Teresa Amabile of Harvard Business School studied the daily routines of more than 230 people who work on projects that require creativity. As might have been expected, she found that their ability to think creatively fell markedly if their working days were punctuated with meetings. They did far better if left to focus on their projects without interruption for a large chunk of the day, and had to collaborate with no more than one colleague. — Decluttering the company [The Economist] Most "mad scientists" are actually just mad engineers The Quiet Crisis unfolding in Software Development Design Tip #178 Tried and True Concepts for DW-BI Success –“My suggestion for ongoing success is to keep your eyes wide open and constantly focus on the basics – the fundamental blocking and tackling of data warehousing. Embrace these tried and true concepts that years of experience have revealed to b