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RIF Notes #44

‘“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act – but a habit.” - Will Durant Managers, screw the Golden Rule – “Don’t treat employees the way you want to be treated” Deployment Strategies Defined –“ We need a common understanding of this topic in order to build better tools, make better decisions, and simplify communication with each other” Superheroes don’t work 90-hour weeks Performance Guide for Visual Studio in ReSharper 2017.3 Quickly learn about the common methods for analyzing architecture tradeoff Excuses Fixing Data Breaches Part 1: Education Web Development - Speed Thrills: Could Managed AJAX Put Your Web Apps in the Fast Lane?

RIF Notes #43

“The problem of big rewrites is that they are a technical solution to a cultural problem. Bad code wasn’t created only because developers don’t know how to code properly. It was created by the kind of conversation and mentality…” – Technical Debt  101 Meltdown and Spectre – Biggest security vulnerability of all time. Rounding Up the Newest Extensions for Visual Studio 2017 Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain – “ Everyone says the blockchain, the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, is going to change EVERYTHING. And yet, after years of tireless effort and billions of dollars invested, nobody has actually come up with a use for the blockchain—besides currency speculation and illegal transactions.” The presence prison – “Everyone’s status should be implicit: I’m trying to do my job, please respect my time and attention” A leader’s guide to managing modern development teams Architecting Services with Design Patterns Announcing the Windows Com