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Deep thoughts

  I’ve recently come across some blog posts which resonate with some of my own ideas.  While these particular quotes are not necessarily related to each other they are consistent with a larger theme that I’m trying to develop.  I’ve included the salient excerpts (providing my my own titles).   Negative consequence of [design] patterns “ One of the biggest challenges with patterns is that people expect them to be a recipe, when in reality they are just a vague formalization of a concept…In my view a pattern should only be used if its positive consequences outweigh its negative consequences. Many patterns, oddly enough, require extra code and/or configuration over what you’d normally write – which is a negative consequence. “ – Rocky Lhotka Why on earth are we doing so many projects that deliver such marginal value? “ To understand control’s real role, you need to distinguish between two drastically different kinds of projects: Project A will eventually cost about a m