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RIF Notes #46

“More than 95% of your organization’s problems derive from your systems, processes, and methods, not from your individual workforce. Your people are doing their best, but their best efforts cannot compensate for your inadequate and dysfunctional systems.” – Peter Scholtes User Research Will Destroy Your Product R rises to #12 in Redmonk language rankings Upstart - The Engineer's Path: 2 Decisions That Define a Career The hidden costs of serverless - Evaluating the real costs of serverless architecture is tricky On the criteria to be used in decomposing systems into modules – a review of the legendary Parnas paper from 1971. ”In conclusion, while much attention is given to the need to divide a system into modules (microservices), much less attention has been given to the criteria by which we decide on module boundaries” “We have tried to demonstrate by these examples that it is almost always incorrect to begin the decomposition of a system into modules on the basis of a flowchart