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A tale of three phones

I gave up on the windows phone.  I’ve been faithful to it since the beginning, but my lumia icon was getting long in the tooth, and there didn’t seem to be any new phones on the horizon.  I think the windows phone has the superior operating system, the live tiles UI and the deep linking of app pinning was great. The seamless integration with the windows desktop (outlook, cortana, groove, calendar) made things easy. But the lack of apps and the lack of new hardware and software upgrades finally led me to throw in the towel. I first experimented with an iPhone 7.  The iOS felt antiquated in comparison, but it had all the apps.  Those apps (outlook, cortana, groove, etc.) were usable, but afterthoughts on iOS.  I found the email, calendaring (keeping work separate from personal) frustrating.  It also lacked what seems like the most basic of features, one that the windows phone has always had. The ability to read and voice respond to text messages over bluetooth, a la cortana.  After a fe