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The rule of law

There are a few laws and principles of economics, psychology, etc. that have strong applicability to Software Development. Here are the ones I find most interesting. Goodhart’s law – “when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure. It will be the inclination, and, in fact, may be in people’s best interest for them to game the system by changing their behavior in such a way as to favorably adjust the measure in order to achieve the target” The Hawthorne effect – “The researchers were surprised to find that the productivity of the more highly illuminated workers increased much more than that of the control group…their productivity even improved when the lights were dimmed again. By the time everything had been returned to the way it was before the changes had begun, productivity at the factory was at its highest level” Jevons paradox – “occurs when technological progress increases the efficiency with which a resource is used (reducing the amount necessary

RIF Notes #48

“In the software profession, it is common to hear advice like: “only hire the best and let them figure it out.” This sentiment is nearly as misguided as command-and-control and antithetical to Lean thinking. “Hire the best” is an elitist and ultimately lazy management philosophy. Comically, that attitude is often accompanied by an unwillingness to pay top dollar for such talent. But even if you could hire such a team, consider that a championship athletic team will almost always defeat an all-star team, because the quality of the relationships between qualified players is usually more important than the individual performances” – Corey Ladas Decoupling the Client and Server with Hypermedia A Bright Future for the Smart Client The Cult of the Root Cause Improvement Boards -“Let’s replace—or at least augment—the once-every-two-week “retrospective” meeting with a continuous process that’s part of our culture” Microsoft continues to be a leader in Gartner's Cloud IaaS MQ 16 New Code An