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RIF Notes #55

“I don't believe in selling "Agile" at all, and I *really* don't believe in selling somebody metrics or indicators. If somebody want's proof that what you're doing is effective, ask them what a good indicator would be." -Allen Holub How Slack Harms Projects – or any real-time communications tool Why keeping levels of abstraction matters Microsoft Feature Toggle Feature Flag Library: A First Look Building a Great Technical Team Configure Visual Studio across your organization with .vsconfig Aggregating strings in SQL Server, using Irish Saints Days Classes vs. Data Structures Find, Fix, and Avoid Performance Problems in C# .NET: 10 Best Practices Fuck hard work – “ This obsession with “hard work” is founded in a pessimistic view of natural state of humanity being lazy loafers. That unless we constantly reinforce the virtue of “hard work”, we’re all just going to slouch on the couch” Visual Studio tips and tricks