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RIF Notes #12

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What else went wrong with the distributed cache?

When we last left this story I was contemplating turning on the distributed caching after the Black Friday/Cyber Monday crush had passed.  However, shortly after my last post I had a conversation with Alachisoft that lead us to reconfigure our cache to use NCache’s in-process clientcache feature.  This feature allows for a in-process in-memory copy of the cache to be kept in sync with the out-of-process NCache server.  In theory, it’s the best of both worlds, providing near ASP.NET in-memory cache performance with all the benefits of distributed caching.  It seemed like in the 11th hour we had finally arrived at a working solution.  As it turns out we did, kinda… Blyber Fronday Our web farm, with distributed caching enabled, sailed through the full week beginning Thanksgiving day.  The site scaled and performed extremely well, and there were no incidents of any kind.  We saw between 2-4 times normal load during those days and never skipped a beat.  A vindication of our distributed c