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RIF Notes #45

“There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs” – Thomas Sowell The War on Developer Productivity (And How I Intend to Win It) – “The problem is that today’s chat tools are amplifying the troublesome parts of human nature, rather than minimizing them” Dividing frontend from backend is an antipattern Let’s bury the hustle – “ The hustle has become synonymous with the grind. Pushing through pain and exhaustion in the chase of a bigger carrot. Sacrificing the choice bits of the human experience to climb some arbitrary ladder of success. I can’t connect with any of that” Blockchain - Blockchain Fundamentals – I’m still struggling to understand the blockchain hype. ASP.NET - Use Razor to Generate HTML for Templates in a Single-Page App – “ How do you blend server-side MVC with client-­side MVVM? For many, the answer is simple: They don’t blend” What I Talk About When I Talk About Platforms – “‘Platform’ is just about the most ambiguous term we could use for an approach that is supe