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Optical disks are a form of torture.

CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s and Wii games are an aggravating lot.  Every time I go to put in a movie for the kids, whether the DVD player in the minivan or the Blu-Ray player in the house I find myself aggravated before I’ve even begun.  Hari kari Playing a movie involves an obsessive compulsive like ritual.  First I must daintily remove it from its delicate casing, without touching it, like a game of Operation .  Then I crane my neck from side to side while tilting it in the light to catch a glimpse of any smudges or blemishes, which there always are.  To be followed by gentle polishing and re-inspecting.  When I’m satisfied that I’ve done what I can I put it in the player and then wait patiently for what seems like minutes, to be greeted by a series of frustrating menu’s and images that I’m maddeningly not allowed to bypass no matter how many times I’ve already suffered through them, until I’m finally able to select play.  Then I wait for the inevitable complaints from the kids, “Dad it

Blinded by my fear of being blind

“the act of observing will influence the phenomenon being observed” Last year we implemented dynatrace as our APM tool to monitor and troubleshoot performance issues with our .NET applications.  Dynatrace is an incredibly powerful tool and immediately provided deep and rich analytics on the performance characteristics of our applications.  We had a bit of a bumpy road with the initial implementation, on-going difficulty tuning it, and occasional unpleasant side-effects.  Overall, however, I feel like a blind man who’s been given impaired vision.  Out of the emptiness Prior to dynatrace, performance optimization involved an extremely painstaking process of Trace.Write/trace.axd, real-time analysis was virtually impossible, and debugging major performance problems required dump files, WinDbg and luck.  But now, at a glance, I can see top consuming methods, database calls, and a whole host of other metrics that help me see how the application is behaving in the real-world with the ab

RIF Notes #19

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