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Scratching the Surface

I just received my pre-ordered Microsoft Surface RT the other day, and aside from the fact that it was 2 weeks late and those at the Microsoft Store were clueless about exactly what happened or apparently how shipping or tracking even works, my first impression was profound disappointment. Why him? Why not me? I like Windows 8, I’ve been running it on my PC and my wife’s laptop for a few months now.  I have a windows phone 7 which I also like.  I find the unified Metro experience across devices and the integration between them appealing.  I was hoping that the Surface would basically be an iPad that ran Windows 8 instead of iOS.  I wanted the form factor of the iPad2 with the familiarity and convenience of windows (things like having separate accounts for my kids, Zune, printing, etc.).  He’s good, you’re not. However, the Surface is not an iPad.  Most strikingly due to its odd dimensions.  Its taller and narrower than an iPad2 by a lot. Its also heavier and thicker.  When I tried

(The long overdue) RIF Notes #20

“I have offended God and mankind because my work didn’t reach the quality it should have” – Leonardo da Vinci The end of formality – “Formality is more than a dress code, of course. It infects how people talk, write, and interact. It eats through all the edges and the individuality, leaving only the square behind. In other words, it’s all about posture, not productivity.” Productivity vs. Guilt and Self-Loathing   Competing in forgotten markets - Alan Cooper talks about where the opportunities are in the market. Take Control of FogBugz - Fogbugz is customizable. Windows 8 Terminology and Concepts – By explaining the terms Rocky demonstrates how much complexity there is. Scrum in 5 Minutes Bandwidth, Priority, and Service Contracts – “Everybody’s talking scalability in terms of number of servers and memory, storage, CPU per server – but what about the network? More importantly, what happens when (not if) you run out? Well, the latency of your calls increase – and that can be