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If I wanted privacy would I post this?

  Seth Godin’s recent post suggested that we don’t really care about privacy when it comes down to it.   Because we use credit cards and phones which inherently allow someone to track our behavior and eavesdrop on us, we are admitting that we don’t really care about our privacy.  I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I think we do care about privacy and would care about it if there was some way to achieve it, if we really understood how little we had.  The problem is, realistically, its getting harder and harder to achieve privacy and thus we essentially settle for the illusion of privacy. To take Godin’s analysis to the extreme, we wouldn’t speak aloud if we cared about privacy, we’d practice moderating our expression and suppressing our tells if we cared about privacy.  Obviously, that is unrealistic.  Of course, every conversation has the potential to be overheard.  Rooms could be bugged, lip readers and body language specialists could be monitoring us and stealing our secre