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RIF Notes #3

“Unit tests tell you that you built your application right, acceptance testing tells you you built the right application” The 5 types of programmers Logging your application for fun and profit part 1.aspx - The DebugViewer tool I’ve never heard of before. You can't change the game if you don't understand the players – A recent post inspired some interesting responses regarding the dilemma of involving users in application design. It is deeply and importantly true that you should not build what your users ask for (or put another way, you should not ask your users what to build). At Cooper we call that “automating the misery.” If users could lead innovation, they wouldn't be users - Alan Cooper weighs in. 5 Ways That Postsharp Can SOLIDify Your Code: Caching – Interesting application of Aspect Oriented Programming to handle caching. Asynchronous Programming for C# and Visual Basic – A very, very cool library of language extensions that simplify writing asynchrono

RIF Notes #2

“These are the pale deaths that men miscall their lives” Making meetings more expensive...might actually make them cost less VS 2010 SP1 (Beta) and IIS Express Open ID Is A Nightmare - Rob Conery offers a counter point to recent post by Jeff Atwood. Effective Clustered Indexes – Nice overview of how indexes work. Origins of 10X – How Valid is the Underlying Research? – Steve McConnell about 10x 10x Productivity Myths: Where’s the 10x Difference in Compensation? HTML5 "standards" – Rocky expresses reservations about the promise of HTML5 Shifting testing strategies away from mocks – This post is a little tough to follow but sounds like he’s wrestling with mocking that parallel my own reservations.  Other than the performance benefit, I could never quite get my head around the advantage of testing that methods get called as opposed to testing they actually work. “This cuts down on mock setups that don’t actually match what can happen in production – if you use the