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eXtreme Programming: Days of future past

Going back, maybe ten years ago, when I first read Kent Becks Extreme Programming I found it compelling. Most of the practices made immediate intuitive sense.  I especially liked the practices:  coding standards, unit testing, refactoring, continuous integration, collective code ownership, code reviews and maintaining a sustainable pace. They are now engrained in the way we operate.  What was appealing about them was that they were directly applicable to the practice of programming.  I could and did begin adopting them in some part as an individual to develop my own development skills, quality and productivity.  There was no need for a formal organizational structure or project management philosophy overhaul required in order to just start doing some of the practices and benefitting from the discipline.  Extreme programming is a methodology as the name implies, for programmers.  Later, as I became more aware of broader Agile, the myriad of Agile practices felt like watered down versi