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More Cache please

In my last post on this topic we had sailed through our peak load season only to start experiencing frequent NCrashes which brought down our web farm on a fairly regular basis.  After many conversations with Alachisoft support (and licensing) we agreed to attempt a hail Mary.  Pretend like everything’s gonna be alright, although you know it won’t be We decided to upgrade from NCache Professional 3.8 to NCache Enterprise 4.1.  It wasn’t clear whether the issues we were having were version related 3.8 vs. 4.1 or edition related.  By upgrading to 4.1 Enterprise it gave us the opportunity not only to hope that the new version was more stable but more importantly gave us the opportunity to try different topologies.  The professional edition only allowed for one topology, Replicated Cache (synchronous).  Originally, Alachisoft gave us every assurance that at our scale and load this topology should work fine (as it did for many other clients).  They insisted that our troubles with NCache w

RIF Notes #14

“There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things” — Phil Karlton Trust is fragile – 37Signals guys relate a recent security-ish breach and how they chose to handle it. Web Standards Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 - Adds CSS3 support and updates the HTML5 intellisense and validation including new JavaScript API's Better BugzScout Error Reporting – BugzScout is a simple interface for collecting crash reports from your software in the wild integrated with Fogbugz. Embracing RavenDB - Ayende’s good overview of his particular NoSql solution. One ASP.NET Sneak Peek: Elegant Web Forms and Snowballs in Hell – Hanselman points out some features of ASP.NET Webforms 4.5 The Rise of Developeronomics – Don’t know if I buy this argument but there are some amusing aspects of this article (e.g. “The one absolutely solid place to store your capital today — if you know how to do it – is in software developers’ wallets”) Farewell Stac