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I feel an awakening

I saw the Force Awakens this weekend with my son, who turned six, and a bunch of his friends, and older siblings. It was really cool to see the new star wars with kids who were about the same age I was when I first saw Star Wars.  They loved it, and so did I.  The movie was fantastic, non-stop action, humor, nostalgia, and fun. It was fraught with plot flaws and non-sense but no more so than they others, and it never really matters.  I really enjoyed and can’t wait for episode eight, rogue one and all the rest. I guess I couldn’t be a true fan unless I had my own theory about one of the major plot points of the movie. I think Han is alive.  When Kylo asked Han for help, he actually asked him to pretend to be killed in order to fool Skrone. 

The Mustache Guy is available

My daughter wrote a children’s book, and we tried our hand at self-publishing. Check it out. The Mustache Guy on ITunes The Mustache Guy on Blurb The Mustache Guy on Amazon Kindle She thinks she’s going to be rich and famous.  Don’t crush her dreams, buy the book.


The second season on Kingdom recently started on Directv .  One of my favorite shows right now.

Sam Harris finally get’s angry

  It was fascinating to listen to Sam Harris, who always seems so calm and in control, demonstrate such frustration in this interview .  He still manages to make excellent point after excellent point, its just a different tone.  It’s a serious conversation but there are definitely funny moments with crushing digs of his critics.   He’s such a clear thinker on such a variety of topics I love listening.

Super intelligent

Just finished reading Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom.  The book was an extremely thorough review of the potential path to AI and every conceivable consideration and consequence.