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RIF Notes #31

"…business staff think we can load up technical debt because they never truly see the consequences. But those consequences are there…they are just never expressed in a way that the business staff can engage with" -Steve McConnell WCF is Dead.  Long live WCF! – Low budget recording of Monty’s (IDesign) presentation to a user group on simplifying WCF and the “the message is the application”. Solving the database deployment problem with Database Lifecycle Management – I’m intrigued. Scott Hanselman's Complete List of Productivity Tips What the f*** were they thinking?! Crazy website biases exposed by naughty words lists (the NSFW version) – Troy Hunt identify sites weird attempts to prevent offensive words in passwords. Code Hoarders – Uncle Bob identifies more about unclean coding practices. Personal Productivity: Business vs. busyness vs. laziness - "Excessive busy-ness is a common form of laziness." Secrets of Handling Support in an Agile Team T

RIF Notes #30

“Clutter is taking a toll on both morale and productivity. Teresa Amabile of Harvard Business School studied the daily routines of more than 230 people who work on projects that require creativity. As might have been expected, she found that their ability to think creatively fell markedly if their working days were punctuated with meetings. They did far better if left to focus on their projects without interruption for a large chunk of the day, and had to collaborate with no more than one colleague.” — Decluttering the company [The Economist] SlowCheetah is going into maintenance mode How to run Background Tasks in ASP.NET – Hanselman points out a few utilities that can be used to run background jobs on an interval within an ASP.NET app. Introducing Azure DocumentDB – Microsoft’s fully managed NoSQL document database service Azure DocumentDB – Ayende of RavenDB assesses the technology. The <%: mystring %> syntax in ASP.NET 4 is equivalent to <%= Server.HtmlEncode (