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RIF Notes #42

“In practice, problems are delegated but the power to address them is not.” - Maslach & Leiter Building the Object Model You Want with Entity Framework How you can improve your SQL with code analysis in SQL Prompt A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm – This is a head scratcher. Macro trends in the tech industry Technology Radar Vol 17 Essential .NET - C# 7.0: Tuples Explained – “What many folks didn’t realize when it was first introduced is that the new C# 7.0 tuple all but replaces anonymous types—and provides additional functionality.” Editor's Note – Misprint – “Any IT manager can regale you with stories of undiagnosable printer failures, but even at the home-office level printing is an exercise in fail” .NET Standard - Demystifying .NET Core and .NET Standard Devops - Continuous Data Migration Using Visual Studio and TFS