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All the answers to all the questions you want to know are inside that light

With Silverlight being the preferred development platform for the Windows Series 7 Phone , Novell's release of MonoTouch on the IPhone , and a release forthcoming of MonoDroid for Google Android based phones it appears that .NET developers may have, in Silverlight, a realistic shot at building applications that can be ported and run on all three major device platforms. Technorati Tags: Silverlight , Moonlight , MonoTouch , IPhone , Android , MonoDroid , Windows Series 7 Phone

Inversion of Control

I was talking to a former boss the other day about career growth and titles, what they mean and how they’re interpreted in the marketplace.  That conversation got me thinking about the differences between the traditional career path and the path that I’m on.  But we're getting the job done, so let's stay on course, a thousand points of light I think its generally assumed that as you progress through your career you move from individual contributor and doer, to planner and delegator.  You do the work for a while, and then over time as you grow or the company grows you move ‘up’, farming out the work you used to do to newer employees.  Eventually, you get farther and farther from actual work and become more of a manager, overseer, delegator, delegating more and more of the ‘work’ so that you can oversee a larger number or workers.  You get involved in planning, strategy and meetings and the other trappings of rank and authority.  Along the way you have to make certain leaps o