I’m going to crash Microsoft’s performance database, who’s with me?

On a recent Hanselminutes podcast I heard about PerfWatson.  PerfWatson is a tool that monitors Visual Studio performance and then captures periods of unresponsiveness and sends that data back to Microsoft.  There, they have a huge database that analyzes all of the captured performance data. 

Well I’ve been running PerfWatson, and its companion the PerfWatson Monitor for about 2 days, and its constantly in the red. The monitor shows a little graphical response time indicator in the bottom right of the screen, and any action that takes more than 2 seconds shows up in red (and is captured by the tool).  Its red so often on  even the most basic of tasks (right clicking context menus, saving files, etc.) that if its actually capturing all that data they’re gonna need a bigger boat.


I’d encourage anybody who finds Visual Studio Performance as painful as I do to install it.  Maybe, if we don’t get blacklisted, or exceed our own bandwidth, we’ll provide enough performance data to inspire some fixes.


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