Nostalgic indoctrination

I’m been introducing my kids to favorite movies and shows from my youth, and they’ve had some interesting reactions.  They weren’t given a choice about liking Star Wars, although the indoctrination didn’t work on my daughter. Nevertheless, here are some reviews:

  • E.T. – Liked it
  • Back to the Future – Really liked it.
  • Gremlins – Liked it, but didn’t think it was scary enough.
  • Jaws – loved it.
  • Raider of the lost ark – really liked it.
  • Aliens – it was ok, but long and dull.
  • Big Trouble in Little China – it was ok. “I know, there’s a problem with your face” stuck.
  • The Last Dragon – It was ok.
  • The Black hole – Not great. long and dull.
  • Ghostbusters – really liked it.
  • The Princess Bride – really liked it.
  • The Temple of Doom – really liked it. Ripping the heart out was memorable.
  • Rocky – really liked them all.


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