RIF Notes #26

“Quality is the result of a million selfless acts of care—not just of any great method that descends from the heavens. That these acts are simple doesn’t mean that they are simplistic, and it hardly means that they are easy” – Uncle Bob


  1. What's culture got to do with it – Looks like Cooper is offering a Culture Master class. This training aims to help people intentionally approach their team or organizational culture.
  2. An Overview of Project Katana - Whereas both the OWIN specification and Owin.dll are community owned and community run open source efforts, the Katana project represents the set of OWIN components that, while still open source, are built and released by Microsoft. These components include both infrastructure components, such as hosts and servers, as well as functional components, such as authentication components and bindings to frameworks such as SignalR and  ASP.NET Web API.
  3. Microsoft claims Azure now used by half of the Fortune 500
  4. Duplicate Finder, Part of ReSharper Command Line Tools
  5. Running Javascript inside PowerShell with PowerShellJS
  6. Introducing Windows Azure WebJobs -  there's not yet been a good solution under web sites for doing regular jobs and batch work in the background. Now Azure Web Sites support a thing  called "Azure WebJobs" to solve this problem simply.
  7. On The Coexistence of ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI
  8. CORS Support in ASP.NET Web API 2- Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) specification (commonly considered part of HTML5) that lets JavaScript overcome the same-origin policy security restriction imposed by browsers
  9. SSRS Reports as a Data Source in Excel 2013 – “I became intrigued by the possibility of using an SSRS report directly as a data source for Excel”
  10. Dev tools essential for building the modern web.


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