RIF Notes #25

“Most managers want good code, even when they are obsessing about the schedule. They may defend the schedule and requirements with passion; but that’s their job. It’s your job to defend the code with equal passion” – Bob Martin

  • IE -Tracking Protection Lists- IE has the a bunch of tracking prevention providers.
  • What’s the Problem with Mobile HTML5-“A recent research concludes that contrary to the general belief performance is not the main problem with HTML5 but rather the missing of profiling and debugging tools and the lack of certain APIs”
  • Organization Antipattern: Project Teams – This post explored the “No Project” movement and compares the Project team vs. Product Team construction.
  • Is College Worth It?
  • The New Turbo Button - Balancing Power Management and Performance on Windows Servers-“Recently Mike Harder, a development manager, noticed that stuff he does every day was taking longer on the "Balanced" power option than the "High Performance" option”
  • Consumer vs Business Apps – “So then is there any meaningful difference between consumer and business apps?….If I’m writing a business app (like something to manage my inventory or schedule my manufacturing workload) the cost to build software for each type of device continues to exist, but there’s zero increased revenue (well, zero revenue period). There’s no interest in delighting users, we just need them to be productive, and if they can’t be productive that just increases cost. So it is all cost, cost, cost. As a result, if I can figure out a way to use a common codebase, even if the result doesn’t “feel native” on any platform, I still win because my employees can be productive and I’ve radically reduced my costs vs writing and maintaining the app multiple times.”
  • Everything you wanted to know about SQL injection (but were afraid to ask)
  • Tell us about your shitty commute- More 37Signals advocating for remote work.



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