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I’m not quite that geeky, although I did just quote the intro to the 80’s cartoon, so maybe I am.

A few years ago a book series was recommended to me, described as a grittier more adult version of the Lord of the Rings.  Not typically the kind of thing I’d read, although Excalibur and Conan the Barbarian are among my favorite movies.  All I could think of was all the ‘adults’ fawning over Harry Potter books a few years earlier.  Nevertheless, I read A Game of Thrones and in rapid succession the rest of the A Song of and Fire series.  They may be the best books I’ve ever read.  The story intricate, dark, violent, and unpredictable.  Not like anything else, good guys don’t always win, perception of who the heroes and villains are shifts, seemingly central characters are abruptly dismissed, very sophisticated. 

The reason I mention this is that HBO has turned it into a mini-series, which will air pretty soon.  I’m eagerly looking forward too it and hope they do it justice.  After all, my reputation depends on it.  If its good, I’m redeemed, if not I guess I’m just another D&D lovin’ Harry Potter-ist.


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