Behold, Nappi Sight

When I started the blog I called it “Architecting after the fact”.  It wasn’t a great title but I thought it captured a sentiment.  Whatever business insight, cool tool, new pattern or novel approach came along it would face the reality that it was after the fact.  And being after the fact brings with it a whole slew of considerations beyond whether its “architecturally” good. 

But over time I’ve found this topic to be too narrow, and therefore the title a bit restrictive.  Not all my posts are necessarily about wrestling with retrofitting. Although I do a great deal of that.  Nevertheless, having the luxury of almost no readership makes it as good a time as any to change it.

I toyed with silly titles like “Bloggie Down Productions”, that while its appealing to my nostalgic view of 80s hip-hop, expresses no particular point of view and provides no insight into the content.  I also considered “Lessen Learned”, which at first I thought to be a somewhat cleverish play on words, belittling what I’ve learned or what one could learn from me.  But it’s a bit of a reach and seemed more like a misspelling than anything cleverish.  There were other similar attempts which I don’t care to enumerate. 

Ultimately, I settled on Nappi Sight, just to keep it simple. The fact that its a homophone for NappiSite maintains a modicum of cleverish-ness.

With that settled, now I’m free to over analyze my font choices. 


  1. "almost no readership"...You were bombing out my Outlook RSS feeds for a week! I guess I need to turn on my Twitter.


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